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About the Company

In  1993,  a  group  of  high  officials  from  the  oil  and gas  industry,  headed  by  the  future  Minister  of  Energy  (1997-2000)  –  Mr. Petr I. Rodionov  – established  SIGMA-GAZ  a closed  joint-stock  company.  Over the next 14 years, the company has been developing  strenuously,  accumulating  assets, enhancing  its material and technical base,  and, as a result,  has taken a leading  position in the market of oil and gas products of the North-West  region of Russia.  In addition,  in the 1990s  SIGMA-GAZ  has been  actively  acquiring  property,  engaged in the financing  of Zenit  football  club,  and has built the first natural  gas liquefaction  plant in Russia.  After the default of 1998,  the company  began to experience  difficulties and slowed down its pace. In the early 2000's a new manager Mr Vladimir V. Dunin came to SIGMA-GAZ, which completely changed the entire top management of the company, drastically reorganized  all  companys  lines  of  activity  and  made  the  company  one  of  the  leaders in the oil  and  gas  industry  in the North-West  of  Russia  again. In 2007,  Vladimir  Dunin  became  the sole owner  and  the  President  of  SIGMA-GAZ  Group  of  Companies  (see more at: www.vladimirdunin.com).

Today, SIGMA-GAZ Group of Companies is a leader in the market of liquefied hydrocarbon gases in the North-West Federal District and includes 10 firms and companies of different profiles, delivers liquefied gas by its own gas carriers, sells petrochemical products, gas condensate, jet fuel, makes deliveries of gas industry equipment, carries out works on installation of boilers powered by liquefied gas, and transports natural gas through its gas pipeline in the territory of  the  Leningrad  Region.

Thus,  SIGMA-GAZ Group of Companies  has a successful and long  experience, the largest volumes of liquefied  gas in the North-West of Russia,  direct long-term agreements with TOP 10 major Russian plants producing liquefied gas and two Russian railway  monopoly carriers,  possesses  its own logistical  base,  experienced  personnel,  a fleet of modern gas carriers,  a gas pipeline,  actively  cooperates  with the major oil refineries in the Russian  Federation,  and the companies  of Gazprom OJSC. And finally, our Group of Companies fully provides the military garrisons of the Western Military District of the Ministry of Defense RF with liquefied gas.

The main activities of SIGMA-GAZ Group of Companies:

  • liquefied gas wholesaling
  • wholesaling in petrochemical products
  • transportation services for the delivery of liquefied gas
  • installation and maintenance of boilers powered by liquefied gas
  • transportation of natural gas through the own pipeline

SIGMA-GAZ  Group of Companies  is actively  engaged  in social activities  by  participating  in  various  social  and  charity  programs:  it provides financial  support  to the Federal  Security  Service  Department  for  Saint  Petersburg and Leningrad  Region,  sponsor  support  to the Saint Petersburg  television,  the Russian  Water  Polo  Federation,  Perspectives  Saint Petersburg  Charity  Fund,  the Kazan  Cathedral  in Saint Petersburg,  the State Russian Museum,  and acts as a general  sponsor  of  OYAMA-Karate  Saint Petersburg  Centre and  OPEN JAZZ  russians  music  project.

SIGMA-GAZ  Group of Companies is included in the Register  of Natural  Monopolies  and the  Register  of  Authorized  Gas  Distribution  Companies  of  the  Ministry  of  Energy  of  the  Russian  Federation.